We are your one-stop beauty and lifestyle hub.

Come pamper yourself from head to toe!

Treat yourself to an ultimate relaxation…

Our beauty and skin care salon is the arguably the best beauty salon near me.

Glamour Beauty will be your perfect getaway for any body and mind treatment with relaxation…

Although we were operating our business in a small space area back in 2010, we have been placing our customers first. After all, to be the best beauty salon in Singapore, we understood that we had to prioritise our customers

We started off in a home setting, after which we slowly and steadily grew.

Since then we’ve been expanding our salon’s team, our list of skin care and relaxation-inducing services and our name recognition to be the best in the business as well.

Making time to pamper yourself is something you deserve. And we pride ourselves in being the best beauty salon in Singapore by offering your mind and body to an ultimate relaxation experience.

Skip your daily routine every once in a while, be it an hour, an afternoon or an entire day for a complete personal pampering now.

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Just think of such a tempting delight as visiting our salon is. Skipping your daily routine just for a while, like an hour, an afternoon or an entire day for a complete personal pampering.

best beauty salon in Singapore
Why Us?

We’re a well-known aesthetic and beauty salon for a number of reasons:


Variety of Care

Our salon is unique among others, all thanks to an insurmountable variety of skin care and relaxation choices that we have…


Qualified Staff

All of our staff members are perfectly qualified to get you relaxed & cared for… That’s all due to their immense talent and skills they have…



We’re a relaxation getaway… With the help of our nurturing and skin health enhancing services you’ll be feeling yourself just like in heaven!

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Reasonable Price

As opposed to other salons, we do not target people’s wallets eagerly… Our prices affordability goes intact with our services quality!

Our Facial Treatments

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Affordable And Reliable

Our salon offers aesthetic and skin care services for any occasion, providing you with the ultimate experience and the utmost relaxation…


An authentic & ethnical Brand which is exclusively dedicated to skin care products in Beauty Institutes and Spas. The brand appears as a real alternative with a unique concept that combines creativity and originality. Bernard Cassiere is 100% natural skin care line which caters to both men and women.
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