Solutions for all scalp concerns

As Singapore best beauty salon, Glamour Beauty takes pride in finding the best solution for all scalp concerns. Hence, regardless of your scalp condition, we understand that it is always beneficial to let your scalp enjoy an occasional deep cleansing treatment, like an exfoliating facial.As the saying goes “our mood depends on how good our hair looks”. Having healthy hair not only makes us feel great, it also gives us confidence in our daily lives and social interactions.You can expect a healthy scalp with our treatment product using Traditional Chinese Medical herbs, which is used to treat hair loss, scalp problem, grey hair and achieve better blood circulation.Why Traditional Chinese Medical herbs? Well, simply because we believe that hair health is closely linked to blood. This is because our blood contains the nutrients required to nourish our hair.Blood in turn is closely linked to 2 organs, namely the liver and the spleen. Our spleen is responsible for digestion and nutrient absorption, while the liver is responsible for storing and circulating blood.A compromised liver and/or spleen system often results in blood deficiency or blood stagnation. This affects the nutrient supply to our hair and can eventually result in hair loss.To allow you to have a better understanding, in men, hair loss usually begins in the temporal area, and the receding hairline eventually forms a characteristic 'M' shape. Hair at the crown also thins, often progressing to baldness.For women, on the other hand, hair loss usually begins at the crown of the scalp. It produces a gradual/diffuse thinning of the hair and rarely becomes bald. The hairline rarely recedes.Thus, it's important to let your healthy and beautiful hair capture the attention of others! After all, you deserve nothing but the best, from a Singapore best beauty salon like us.
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