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Care tips After Getting 4D Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore

Eyebrow embroidery is the latest beauty trend, no question asked! It is loved by almost all women in Singapore. But you will see both men and women here Google searching for 4D eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. You will notice how efficiently it highlights the eyes by going through a semi-permanent microblading tattoo procedure. This kind of embroidery is only performed by a professional aesthetician. The brows are given the preferred shape. However the original hairline is maintained to make them look natural. Best eyebrow embroidery singapore can give a good result; however you have to understand the difference between 3d and 4d eyebrow embroidery and it is important to take care of the eyebrows after the procedure to ensure it will last longer.

Do you know that neglecting to take care of the 4d embroidery brows can lead to fading too quickly. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen as it means going through the same 4d eyebrow embroidery in Singapore all over again. Usually if you take care of it properly it can last up to two years. But if you don’t take good care of it, it will not even last a year.

Hence, as a professional 4D eyebrow embroidery service provider, here are some expert tips. read them on while you are on your way to the salon for eyebrow embroidery in paya lebar quarter.

After getting the 4d eyebrow embroidery in Singapore done, there will be a recovery time period – approximately 3 – 5 days. Your eyebrow skin will dry up and the scab starts to peel off. Apply the aftercare cream given by your eyebrow embroidery expert and prevent your skin from peeling too quickly. The slower the scab falls off the better. However, this will vary from person to person depending on individual skin type. Some people might peel more than the others. In some people, the scab might be thicker while some are thinner. Whatever it is don’t forget to follow the instruction of your eyebrow aesthetician on the aftercare cream.

Next, during the first week of getting 4D eyebrow embroidery in Singapore, you should avoid using too much makeup and skin care products. Especially around your eyebrows. Some cosmetics might contain ingredients that can affect the colour absorption, which can lead to fading quickly or other infections.

For the first 3-5 days after having the eyebrow embroidery done, try to avoid getting your brows wet. Wash your face carefully and don’t let your eyebrows get wet. Try to avoid sweating excessively as well. To clean your face you can use facial wipes, which is the best option to prevent eyebrows from getting wet from water. However if you cannot avoid it, like if you are taking a shower, try not to keep your eyebrows wet for long time.

There are the more small aftercare tips your eyebrow expert will give you. However to add on here are some pre-care tips for those who use botox treatment as well.

If you are availing any botox treatment, please get it done at least two weeks before your appointment for 4d eyebrow embroidery in Singapore.

Thats all. Follow these small basic care tips and you are ready to flaunt your perfect eyebrows.

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