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Tips for choosing the best eyebrow salon in Singapore

For us women, choosing what to wear is sometimes harder than choosing a life partner, and the same is true when it comes to choosing eyebrow salons! And we don’t just want any eyebrow salon, we want the best eyebrow salon in Singapore, no less!

As ladies who love beauty ourselves, we want to help you make the best decision to look your best. Here are some factors to consider before choosing the best eyebrow salon in Singapore.

1. Price-friendly

One of the main problems when it comes to beauty and eyebrow services are often the price: If it’s too expensive, we feel the pinch. If it’s too cheap, we doubt the quality of service and worry about the aftermath. I know, women, right?

But at Glamour Beauty, the best eyebrow salon in Singapore, prices are reasonable and fair. Best of all, they don’t push you into spending on something you’re not really sure about.

2. Find out more about the products use

A lot of eyebrow salons claim that they use the best products in the market. But do they really? It can be hard to tell because a lot of them do not show the products on the website. However, Glamour Beauty doesn’t shy away from that. In fact, you can find out more about the products they use and sell on their website.

Make the effort to find out exactly what the products are for and if they have any side effects on your skin. If you’re unsure, ask the staff. That’s what they are there for. Do not be shy. After all, you’re a customer and you should be well-educated on the products the eyebrow salon uses.

3. Inquire about staff’s expertise

More than just products, you will also have to depend on the expertise of the staff working at the salon. This differentiates the best eyebrow salon in Singapore from the rest of the pack. Hence, it’s key that you find out more.

At Glamour Beauty, all the staff are highly qualified and trained and have been working for a number of years, so there’s little room for error. In fact, this is consistent throughout all the 3 different branches here in Singapore.

4. Hygiene level

Be sure to check out the cleanliness of the salon you’re visiting. Whether it’s in a mall or under an HDB block in your neighbourhood area, always remember that hygiene level needs to be high. No one should have to do their eyebrows in a place that’s unkempt and dirty.

Thankfully, Glamour Beauty – arguably the best eyebrow salon in Singapore – is particular about cleanliness and hygiene in its shops. And this isn’t just about the staff, it’s also about the equipment and furnishings used.

Is there even a best eyebrow salon in Singapore?

With all these 4 characteristics that were mentioned, only one place in Singapore does it extremely well and that is no other than Glamour Beauty. With 3 different outlets here in Singapore, Glamour Beauty is undoubtedly the best eyebrow salon in Singapore.

From facial treatment and hair removal to scalp treatment and manicure & pedicure, there is no place like Glamour Beauty.

Feel free to drop them an e-mail at sg_glamourbeauty@yahoo.com.sg or check out the locations of its outlets near you now.

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