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This is the only eyelash extension salon in Singapore that I can trust

eyelash extension salon in singapore

A lot of people who have done eyelash extension in Singapore will probably better understand my point of view when I say that finding a professional and highly experienced eyelash extension salon in Singapore is a tough thing. You can find several of them, I’m sure, but finding one that is professional, highly experienced and have a good knowledge about eyelash extensions is certainly hard.

If you’re relatively new to this, well, then there are several things you will need to look out for when doing eyelash extensions. Here are some of them:

1. Make sure you’re asked the right questions

No, we don’t mean like what’s your name, age and sex. Or even where you live and what you like to do during your free time. When we say the right questions, it’s most certainly pertaining to your eyelashes and the safety of it when applying extensions.

A proper and experienced lash artist will usually check your comfort level of eyelash extension by highlighting the possible risks and benefits of applying them before they actually go ahead with it. This helps to build your confidence when you visit an eyelash extension salon in Singapore.

For instance, she will tell you the possible reaction you may have such as rashes or itch and have you prepared for them in case it happens. And if so, what should you do and whom should you seek for help when it happens.

2. Make sure the area is cleaned properly

No, it’s more than just using alcohol to sterilise the eyelash area. Yes, that’s done, but it’s more than that. Usually, you’re advised to head down without make up for eyelash extension, but if so happen that you have make up on, the lash artist should gladly remove your make up properly, and clean up the entire area to ensure that the oil and germs are all removed before going on with the process of eyelash extension.

Additionally, whilst cleaning you up, they should start noticing your skin condition and making sure that you’re not in any discomfort. The liquid or alcohol that they use on your skin should not cause any irritation. If it does, do highlight to them and they should immediately remedy the issue and advise accordingly.

3. Make sure the gels and tapes and tweezers used do not hurt you

If all goes well, then your lower lashes should be taped or nicely gelled up so that they do not get in the way of the extension of the upper lash. These tapes and gel are usually harmless to the skin and should not cause any irritation of sorts. Hence, there should be nothing to worry about here.

What you should take note of is the removal of them when the time calls for it. That is usually towards the end of the entire eyelash extension process. The cleaning off of the gel as well as the removal of tapes should cos no pain to the skin or existing lash.

This also includes the tweezer that is commonly used to dip the end of each extension in the lash glue and then apply it to your individual lash. While there could be some discomfort or nervousness, there should be zero pain at all times.

4. Make sure it the extensions look good

It’s usually your choice when it comes to how you want your lashes to look. For instance when you go for one at a proper eyelash extension salon in Singapore, you’ll be given a choice of the tint, curl pattern and length of the lash that you want. However, that said, always remember that you are the customer and you should be properly advised by the lash artist what suits you best.

They should be able to tell you that certain tint or length may not be suitable for your facial shape instead of just following orders. This is what differentiates the mediocre eyelash extension salon in Singapore from the best. Regardless, always ensure that the eyelash extension that you got look good on you at all times.

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