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If you’re looking for an eyelash extension salon in Singapore, this is it


There are countless beauty salons in Singapore, but not every one of them include eyelash extension within their services. Hence, finding an eyelash extension salon in Singapore can be quite a challenge.

To begin with, eyelash extensions are cosmetic applications that enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. These extensions may be made from several materials including synthetic, human or horsehair, depending on which beauty salons you go to. Most salons will offer a variety of extension lengths, curl patterns and tints to fit your needs and wants, so there are no wrong or right applications, rather it would be more of whether or not it’s suitable for you.

Recently I went to Glamour Beauty in Hougang Mall. A friend of mine recommended me this place, as she was saying how reasonable the prices were despite the high levels of customer service and professionalism the staff showed. So I went to try out.

I was glad I did, because as one of those rare eyelash extension salons in Singapore, Glamour Beauty got most of the stuff right. For instance, prior to the application, the staff actually asked me if I was wearing any contact lenses and that I had to remove them before doing the extension. Plus, she went through all the possible risks and benefits of eyelash extensions before applying them on me. She even asked me to inform her of any conditions I may have after applying them.

This made me feel extremely comfortable and confident that I went to the right place to get my eyelash extensions done.

More relevantly, she also checked what sort of tint and length I wanted for my extension. Everything at Glamour Beauty seems very professional and knowledgeable, the sort of place that wouldn’t do things the wrong way just for quick buck. And I reckon that’s really important. The staff then went on to clean the area to remove my make up, as well as any oil and germs around.

When the process started, my eyes were closed for the entire time. It took about a total of 90 minutes for her to get my extensions done. It’s quite a reasonable time I reckon, because I’ve been to other salons that can take up to 120 minutes for eyelash extensions. 90 minutes is certainly a comfortable time for me.

During this time, an under-eye gel was applied to my lower lash to keep them out of the way. My lash artist then went on the make me feel comfortable by starting a conversation with me about life, family and whatnot while she used tweezers to dip the end of each extension in the lash glue and then apply it to my individual lash. There wasn’t any pain, to be honest, but I did feel a little nervous since I knew it was tweezers she was using despite my eyes being closed.

After it was all over, she told me to rest and stay still for about 10 minutes, just so the lash glue will dry up. Another thing I like about Glamour Beauty is how the lash artist do not use any handheld fan to speed up the process of drying. Instead, the entire drying process is left to its natural means. This doesn’t make me feel like she’s in a rush. Instead, it’s all very ‘customised’ to your liking, which sort of makes it a very excellent and impressive eyelash extension salon in Singapore.

Once my lashes were all dried up, the under-eye gels and tape were all removed without any fuss or pain. She did highlight to me that I should let her know if there are any high sensitive areas while removing the tape but I felt zero pain, so there was really nothing to highlight to her at all during the removal process.

Of course, this when the magic all happens. Once all done and removed, the lash artist brushed through the lashes as she got me to blink my eyes a few time. I must say I was very happy with the new look, needless to say.

I’m glad my friend recommended me to Glamour Beauty. I must say it’s indeed one of those rare place that acts as an eyelash extension salon in Singapore. Will I ever go back to do this? Of course I will. Will I ever recommend my friends here? Of course I will. Will I ever try out other services Glamour Beauty has? Oh, of course, of course…

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