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My exquisite experience here made it the best beauty salon in Singapore on my list

best beauty salon in Singapore

As someone who’s very particular about grooming (some may even call me vain), I’ve visited countless beauty salons in Singapore. Some were very warm and cosy, some were mediocre, some were very expensive and some were just… normal, with nothing to shout about.

Recently, I did some research online about wanting to do Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal, since I’m not comfortable with waxing and since IPL is a painless procedure. That’s when I came across this beauty salon. Several popular searches came up while I was researching, such as Jean Yip as well as Strip, but I decided to give this place a go since it was more understated. And based on my personal experiences, it’s the understated places that always have the best surprises and the potential to be the best beauty salon in Singapore.

There are three different outlets in Singapore – two in Paya Lebar and one in Hougang – and being an East-sider, I went to the one at Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ). I wasn’t expecting much, really. My plan was just to go and sign up for the IPL package and get my hair removal on my underarms done.

Much to my surprise, not only is this beauty salon clean and proper, its staff is also very friendly and warm. While a lot of beauty salons that I have visited before are on par with this place, it differentiates itself from others with the top notch service. Think Hai Di Lao service versus other hot pot restaurants. This place is like the Hai Di Lao of beauty salons.

As you can imagine, I was literally blown away. Not only did the staff gave me a new screen protector for my phone, they offered my tea and some fruits too, which was a pleasant surprise for me.

Anyway, I immediately signed my IPL package and started on the hair removal process. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long for this either. In fact, it was almost immediate, since I called before to make an appointment. Due to the Covic-19 situation, a lot of beauty salons now require an appointment rather than just a walk-in.

The package, while not the cheapest I’ve experienced, is certainly worthwhile. And I’m saying this because I’m considering all fronts – service, cleanliness, hygiene levels, machines, etc. Even the decoration of the place is minimalistic and zen-like, which makes it extremely soothing to be in.

Speaking of machines, the IPL machine used here is a brand new one, which is highly effective for getting rid of all my underarms hair without leaving any spots out. And because it’s new, you are undoubtedly getting a very hygienic treatment. Everything here in the room is also clean, which is definitely important in a beauty salon.

I reckon being the best beauty salon in Singapore isn’t an easy feat, since there are countless of them here. However, my entire experience at this beauty salon really heightened my expectations of beauty salons in general moving forward.

This so called best beauty salon in Singapore that made it to my list of “must-try” is called Glamour Beauty. As aforementioned, there are three different outlets you can visit. You can find out more about its products and services at its website. I’d highly recommend that you call before heading down because at the rate this is going, I suspect this is going to be a highly popular beauty salon.

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