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The new beauty salon PLQ Singapore is doing everything right!

For those staying in the East side of Singapore, you will be very pleased and relieved to hear that there is a spanking new beauty salon that has just opened up at PLQ. Oh, and no introductions are needed for those Easties regarding PLQ, then. For everyone else, PLQ refers to none other than Paya Lebar Quarter, a mall that’s just walking distance from the Paya Lebar MRT station.

This beauty salon PLQ Singapore is, thankfully, one of three outlets that are available in Singapore. The other two outlets are strategically located at Hougang Mall and SingPost Centre, which nicely caters to those in the central area as well. Admittedly, even if the outlets between PLQ and SingPost Centre are closely located in Paya Lebar area, they undoubtedly draw a huge number of office crowd from the vast number of offices in that cluster.

More relevantly, the beauty salon PLQ Singapore is, like the other outlets, doing everything right. Apart from the convenient location that is near the train station, it’s the services provided that raise this aesthetic and beauty hub as the number one place.

Unlike other beauty salons in Singapore, Glamour Beauty provides an insurmountable variety of skin care and relaxation choices. From facial treatment and hair removal to scalp treatment and manicure & pedicure, you can be rest assured this is a one stop salon for all your skin and hair treatments.

Then there is the highly-qualified staff that are well-trained, knowledgeable and no less professional to get you relaxed and cared for anytime of the day and any day of the week. Thanks to their immense talent and highly experienced skills in the beauty industry, customers are bound to feel right at home at Glamour Beauty. And when you’re getting yourself cared for, there is nothing more important than being comfortable.

In that sense, the beauty salon PLQ Singapore is a wonderful place as a relaxation getaway. With that specific help of their countless yet necessary nurturing and skin health enhancing services, you will get an inevitable feel of heaven – the beauty heaven, that is, that will get you pampered from head to toe in a comfortable, cosy and immeasurable manner.

But most importantly of all, it has to be the prices of Glamour Beauty’s services that make this beauty salon PLQ Singapore a very appealing one-stop beauty and lifestyle hub.

While countless beauty salons in Singapore tend to overcharge a tad due to heavy manpower and expensive products used, Glamour Beauty remains to be one of the most affordable beauty salons that help to cater to the everyday lady. And while many will lament that you pay for what you get, this beauty salon PLQ Singapore isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill sort of beauty salon that does things shabbily.

Quite the contrary, actually. Glamour Beauty is not new to the beauty business. Operating for more than a decade, they have been placing their customers first. While they started off in a home setting previously, they have slowly and steadily grew. Since then they have been expanding their list of skin care and relaxation-inducing services, which is why they have the capabilities of getting high-quality products for their customers without having the need to overcharge.

Making time to pamper yourself is something you deserve. And Glamour Beauty prides themselves in being the best beauty salon in Singapore by offering your mind and body to an ultimate relaxation experience.

Make a reservation with them at 10 Paya Lebar Road #B1-04 Singapore (409057) or give them a call at 6970 9575. Alternatively, you can drop them an e-mail at to find out more about their services.

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