5 things you need to know about lip embroidery at the beauty salon in Hougang

Lip embroidery at the beauty salon in Hougang is a cosmetic procedure that helps to enhance the shape and colour of your lips. People choose to do this procedure for the sake of highlighting the intensity of their lips to make them look fuller and more symmetrical.

Healthy specialised pigments are used to improve the colour of your lips. What happens here is pigments are introduced to the surface of your lips using a sterile needle by building layers of colour. Hence, the entire process at the beauty salon in Hougang can take about 2 to 3 hours to complete.

Of course the end result is amazing. You’ll never have to touch up your lipstick after every meal or have to remove your lipstick once you’re back home. In fact, with a lip embroidery procedure, having pale lips will be a thing of a past for you.

So what are the important things you need to know about lip embroidery at the beauty salon in Hougang? Here is our top 5…

1. It’s super safe!

While it is not recommended for ladies who are pregnant, nursing or undergoing any sorts of medical treatment, lip embroidery is a safe cosmetic procedure. Always do your research as to which beauty salon in Singapore you should visit and always rely on professionals from a licensed beauty salon to get the job done for you.

Also good to know is lip embroidery done at the beauty salon in Hougang uses chemicals and pigments that are not harmful or toxic to the human tissues.

2. It can last for good 3 years

Lip embroidery can last for 3 or more years when done and taken care of properly. In other words, you will be able to enjoy evenly coloured lips for quite a while without having to bother much about lipstick, which means quite a fair bit of money saved on lipsticks!

That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t apply your favourite coloured lipstick as and when you want to. You can still do so anytime, anywhere.

3. It’s a painless procedure

Unlike doing a tattoo on your body, getting lip embroidery at the beauty salon in Hougang is almost a painless process. Even though lips can be quite a sensitive area, we have seen clients fall asleep before while getting their lip work done!

This could be the work of the numbing cream that is usually applied to your lips before the procedure starts. Hence, all you have to do is sit back and relax and let the licensed professional at the beauty salon in Hougang do her magic on your lips.

4. Lips colour will appear darker at first

Just like getting a new tattoo done, it’s perfectly normal for your lips to appear darker immediately after the procedure as the pigments and chemicals are all still fresh.

There is nothing to worry about it as the actual colour of your lip will appear after the dead skin peels off, revealing what is a very natural glow and colour. During this healing period, it’s advisable to constantly moisturise your lips with lip balm.

5. It’s lip embroidery, not botox!

Many mistake lip embroidery to be similar to botox, where the aftermath will have your lips looking all swelled and plumbed up. This isn’t true. As mentioned before, lip embroidery is essentially, implanting pigments into the skin. Such a procedure, hence, does not increase the size of your lips.

If, however, a thicker-looking swelled-up lip is what you’re going after, a plastic surgeon may be more suitable for you.

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