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Eyebrow embroidery – What you need to know before doing one

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Most of us know the importance of eyebrows. Not only do they frame your face (and looks), they also have the ability to change the way you look. Ever seen movies where the villains are without eyebrows? Yes, they look weird… But hey, the best eyelash salon in Singapore can always help them look natural.

More than just framing overall features, eyebrows can help you look younger and healthier, with the sort of glow necessary to give you that instantaneous facelift you’ve always wanted.

But for those out there with sparse or rather thin brows, things aren’t over for you yet. There is a healthy and safe solution for you – eyebrow embroidery. Before you pick up the phone and start calling some random eyelash salon in Singapore, it’s important that you find out more about eyebrow embroidery before doing one.

1. It’s like getting tattoo

Eyebrow embroidery is like getting a tattoo done. Eyebrow experts from an eyelash salon in Singapore essentially inserts pigments in your skin with tiny needles which make them look like hair strokes. It’s like adding strands of hair to create a fuller-looking eyebrow.

There are several different types of eyebrow embroidery services: 4D, 6D and even signatures ones, depending on the eyelash salon in Singapore that you visit. Do note that prices will vary as the level increases.

2. No shaving is required

One of the most common myths about eyebrow embroidery is whether your current eyebrow needs to be shaved. The answer is no. Although this is the case for regular tattoo, eyebrow embroidery experts will usually try and keep as much of the natural eyebrow hair as possible. This gives them the possibility of creating a fuller-looking eyebrow for you.

Of course eyebrow hair that grows or fall out of the ideal shape will be removed, but shaving is ultimately not necessary. So if you head to some random eyelash salon in Singapore and the staff requires to shave, walk away.

3. It’s not a painful process

We know how we’ve mentioned that eyebrow embroidery is similar to that of getting a tattoo done, but the pain is far from that. Eyebrow experts will usually apply numbing cream over the eyebrow area to minimise pain, so you can be rest assured the bite on your eyebrow is down to a minimum.

According to people we have spoken to who have gone through eyebrow embroidery treatments, the pain level is on par with eyebrow threading, which is certainly bearable!

4. Eyebrows will fade to a more natural colour over time

At the start, it’s only normal for your eyebrows to look darker than usual. Just like a tattoo when it’s fresh, the skin around it will be red and the colours will be dark. However, it’ll fade over time to a more natural look.

For eyebrow embroidery, as the ink is still fresh, you can expect to see darker eyebrows but it’ll fade over time. The fading process can be uneven too, but that’s perfectly normal as that is due to the uneven healing of the skin.

5. It’s not entirely risk-free

As with most things tattoo, there’s always a risk to eyebrow embroidery. This applies to whether you head down to a random or the best eyelash salon in Singapore. Firstly, there’s always a possibility of meeting an eyebrow technician who may do a bad job. Secondly, you could get a skin infection due to poor hygiene.

Hence, it is your responsibility to do the proper research to find a hygienic and clean eyelash salon in Singapore. Always make sure the staff use disposable or single-use needles. Also, ensure that you follow the aftercare instructions and keep your eyebrows clean.

6. It’s going to take a couple of hours

Eyebrow embroidery service/treatment isn’t a 30-minute job. If it is, you should be worried. In reality, going for an eyebrow embroidery treatment at any eyelash salon in Singapore will take 2 to 3 hours. The longest time taken within this period is usually to set the shape of the eyebrow.

So if you’re planning to do this, do take note that you’ll need to set aside half a day. This way, you won’t have to rush and the eyebrow expert won’t have to feel pressurised to finish the job quickly to meet your time.

7. Lasting impressions vary

Last but not least, the lasting impressions of embroidered eyebrows will vary from person to person. While most eyebrow embroidery can last roughly 2 years, it’s common to see your eyebrows fade after a year or so.

What you can do is ask the eyebrow expert from the eyelash salon in Singapore that you visited and check if you can come back after several months for a touch up. This way, you can enjoy a nicer and fuller-looking eyebrows for a longer time.

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